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Ultra 4K and Tommorow


Ultra 4K and Tommorow

By now you have heard, 4K is the new HD. Talks around 4K began in 2015, and will continue well into 2017, as consumers began to adopt the new technology. There was a huge focus at the annual CES Technology show in Las Vegas

Most screens and internet speeds are not adequate enough to be able to take advantage of the 4K Quality, despite the increasing number of content being produced in this resolution.

In other cases, it can be the opposite. This happens when Network service providers over compress the channel a bit to save bandwidth to provide for other channels. However, you are watching on a television capable of rendering up to 4 times the pixels as your service provider is delivering.

Some experts predict that the use of 4K in video production will grow at an accelerated pace in 2017. One of the contributing factors to this is that all the most popular new mobile devices such iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, Go-Pros and DSLR cameras can now record in 4K.